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Who are we?

We are Inkartel, a creative bunch of custom merchandise professionals from design, support and management backgrounds. Brought together by a collective dedication to providing creative individuals and businesses with a uniquely comprehensive merch solution. We’re building a future in which Creators can enjoy the freedom to focus on their content, without the burden of entrepreneurship.


Our Values

We’re proud to fill the void left by generic print-on-demand platforms built for full-time dropshippers. Perhaps surprisingly though, we don’t consider ourselves to be in the merch business. We’re in the Support business - we just happen to be merch wizards. That’s why our community consists of gamers, vloggers, musicians, influencers and even other businesses who all just want a better way to merch.


After working with us, you’ll probably describe us as “curiously diligent”, “resourceful” and “communicative”. We strive to communicate directly and effectively while remembering that we are all on a mission. Together, we each focus on what we do best, with shared objectives.

Cartel  /kɑːˈtɛl/


A coalition or cooperative arrangement intended to promote a mutual interest.

The Core Team

Our core team brings a wealth of experience in merchandise design, creative marketing and international supply chain management to each store. Individually, we’ve helped to build multiple award-winning startups, worked with some of the world’s most recognisable brands and overseen delivery of almost half a million products. Together, as fans of gamers, streamers and influencers, we’re focussed on supporting the ever-growing Inkartel family.


The team members you're most likely to be chatting and growing with are as follows…


Vijay Rabheru

Daniel Buckley

CEO Founder

Expert builder of bespoke merchandising operations. An advocate for all Creators.
Likes: Astrobiology and 
playing football.


Marketing & Affiliate Lead

Creative marketing buff and affiliate community manager.

Likes: Philosophy and gaming


Rob Rivett

Fudge Jarcheh

Head of Creative & Brand

A brand identity specialist and an experienced merch design expert. 

Likes: Gaming and Japanese Culture

Artist Liaison

Recording music artist and producer. Matchmaker between Creators and DFY solutions.

Likes: Music & Capoeira

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